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i'm kerri.

7 figure mlm biz leader, boymom, keynote speaker and just a girl who decided she was worth it

I am a Lifestyle Mentor & Success Strategist and I help goal getters, hustlers & boss babes bounce back from past failures, unlock their very own secrets to success and embark on their journey for a second chance so that they can find freedom & live fiercely free.



You feel stuck.

You feel like you aren't good enough.

You have been let down so many times but you are ready to conquer the world.

You're stressed out but seeking that void in your life for something more.

I have been down this road. I lost it all and had to climb back up. I want to help you grab a hold of your wand and use it. You have unique gifts this world needs and I want to help dig that out of you.

lets link arms & conquer everything you have ever desired.


Today I am humbled and ready to share


A story I used to hide behind the door or feel ashamed of. I am ready to be me and it took me 31 years to build up the courage to do this but I pray that this inspires more women to truly chase the dreams they desire.

When I was a little girl , I always was a dreamer. I have always been an old soul.  I loved the idea of  money and nice things. I mean who doesn't right? I was a trend setter  I never liked to be like the crowd. I loved being different.  I had lots of friends but very few who I could count on. I always had many acquaintances and was tagged at "popular" but being popular in high school comes with  not such fun things.  I found a little girl screaming for love and screaming for acceptance. I grew up in a very small town in northern MN. High school was rough for me. I found myself skipping school , and in the party scene to numb all the drama that was always around me.  I was a social butterfly and loved people. I look back now and realized I was always trying to help someone. I watched a lot of my friends go down bad paths and refused to be that. I knew I wanted more out of my life. I ended up graduating early and going to beauty school my senior year.

At 18 fresh out of school ready to conquer the world. I landed a job at one of the hottest salons in Hoboken , NJ. I started apprenticing and within 6 months I had my own chair as a colorist.  Now those who are in the hair biz .. thats a big deal .  I loved what I did but with all the excitement came jealously and toxicity. I was young and allowed all of that to get to me , instead of knowing my worth I allowed others to talk down and really drive me out. I ended up moving back to MN and found myself back in my old bedroom looking at the ceiling thinking what am I doing back here.

I decided to move to Sarasota, FL . I had never been there before but it looked good. I was the girl who loved sunshine, bikinis, beach and palms. Over the course of 11 months ,  I maxed out over 15 credit cards , and couldn't even pay my rent. God always provides and he sure did . One of my clients put me up in a condo so I could get on my feet so I could move back to MN ... Little did I know I would be a Florida girl for life.

2 weeks after moving into my new place. My girlfriend Taylor kept telling me I had to meet this guy Christian. I kept refusing . I wanted nothing to do with men. Little did I know this man 11 years later would be the man I call the love of my life . The man I laugh with. The man I pray with . The man I cry on . The man I tell all my dreams and fears to . The man who believes in all my craziness. The man who gave me the title mom.  The man who saved me from the darkness. The man who speaks life back into me. The man who I get to grow old with. Meet Christian. My Hubby !!

Christian will tell you he knew right away I was the one. We were crazy in love and did everything the wrong way. Baby. Home. Business. Wedding.  At 22 I filed bankruptcy and lost it all. I felt like the world crashed down on me. I have always went against the grain . I love to be wild and free . I tend to dream huge and play BIG . When I watched everything being taken away just like that , I started allowing those voices in my head to take over. After a few years of that , I found myself in a Dr Office being told I needed to be put on prescription meds to ease my symptoms.  I came home crying and Christian the amazing man he is said you are not taking that crap and ripped up the prescription.  From that day on we seeked whole body health. We seeked functional medicine and finding the root of my problem verses just coving a symptom. What I can tell you , it wasn't easy. It didnt happen over night . But my gosh was it worth it . At one point I was going crazy like legit CRAY CRAY. To the point I couldn't even care for my own children.  If it wasnt for my husband and my faith,  I am not sure where I would be today. I know some people need meds but I can assure you I did not , by researching and doing the homework . I can tell you today I healed myself with the help of some of the best products and doctors who were able to root the problems.

I am here to tell you, there is hope. If I can crawl out from under that dark hole, anyone can. I hope to inspire you to truly dig deep and start finding the true YOU. Not anyone else. YOU!!!! I want to meet YOU!!!

fun extras

I drink tea ... not coffee

I would prefer a bag of chips over chocolate

I have 5 tattoos

dancing under the stars is a perfect evening

I always wanted to be a professional figure skater

I color coordinate my closet

I hate texting .. I would rather hear your voice

I might have a slight addiction to shoes, handbags, and sunglasses

I am in yoga pants and a tank most days

I love new fresh bed linens