11 quick tips to get your business thriving again

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So often I see people out there begging people for sales. To the point it is like annoying. I get it we sometimes over post and are excited about things but instead of puking your brand , tell us a story of why you love it so much. Get my drift. Sprinkle this into your daily posts. The market has changed you don’t need to be a sales person anymore. You need to build relationships with people, they want to know you and feel what you stand for. When they trust you , they also want to know what you use and if your good you will attract them and they might just ask you for that product you are talking so highly of or that solved a problem for you and your family. Get creative. Have fun and Be YOU . 

I have found huge success in my business, not because I even know what I am doing. I am being honest here. I am not anything special. I don’t even have any college training or degrees of any kind. I make a 6 figure income from home helping women believe in themselves and truly being there for them. I mean seriously this is a thing. YES it is. I am walking proof. I retired myself just about 2 years ago when I saw a huge opportunity.  In Today's market you need to have that pure and genuine relationship down. If you are struggling and your business is failing. Start really looking down your line and are you taking care of your clients or customers? Are you really in tune to their needs? Have you called them lately to tell them how awesome they are? Have you met up with them or given them a small gift of gratitude?  We all want to be loved and why not love the crap out of your people? It sounds simple right? Well then why aren’t more leaders doing this? It’s not always easy and it can be time consuming. But I can tell you the return on this is huge. If you brought these people in, you need to be the one to love on them. I hear so often oh well my up line this and that. Seriously lets talk sister to sister ,  you’re up line has their own business; you have to take care of your own down line these are people you brought into the business and trusted you not your upline. You can’t wait on someone to promote you, YOU PROMOTE YOURSELF … this is why you’re working for yourself … remember? You started this business for you, not for anyone else. Stop playing the blame game. It’s time to test this out and see if taking the driver’s seat can truly make a huge impact on your business. I am going to give you 11 of my most talked about tips in our team . These things are working everyday for my leaders and its so exciting to watch and see . 

11 Quick Tips to grow your following and grow your income within your business.

1. Write 10 hand written notes once a week, if you want to do more. Do it.  Plan these ahead of time and send them out weekly. The more you can plan ahead the less stressed you will be.

2. Give out free gifts or samples. This is the best way to get new and or already clients using new things or trying new things.  Give out 3 samples a day to 3 new people. That is 21 new people a week. 84 new people a month. The more people you talk to , the more people will join you. You have to talk to A LOT of people.

3. Plan an event for your team or for new prospects. Do this at minimum 1 time a month. If you do more you are rocking it.

4. Set up one on one meet ups with prospects. Ask them to meet you at starbucks , you buy them a coffee for 20 minutes of their time and you to tell them all about your product. No strings attached. Trust me people love starbucks and if you do it right you will have them asking questions which will end up being an hour and hopefully a new client by the end.

5. Get your calendar out and fill it. If you do not have a calendar you need to get yourself one and a pack of hi lighters. This will help you a lot. You need to first mark off your days you need off. Next any other obligations you know of. Then you want to start filling it with one on ones, events , days to work in your office doing letters, prepping sample packs, team or leadership calls . You want your calendar booked up. If you have open days, find something for that day.

6. Leadership to me means everything. I strive to be the leader that people remember. I want them to know me, I want them to feel loved and I mostly want them to know I truly do care about them. With that said, if you have a team or tribe under you; you need to take care of them. Start doing Zoom or maybe Google hangout and start leading your team. Do leadership calls, trainings, help your people and that will help you and so on. Make sure you are recognizing your team for rank ups, or things they are doing. Give them a shout out. I do this publicly on social media and so that people on their facebook can see what they are doing since most of the time they are too shy to post in the beginning. I do it for them. I tag them and make a HUGE DEAL about it.

7. Dream Big. I want you to have fun. I want you to create a vision or dream board. Have you ever watched “The Secret”? If you haven’t watched this, do so while you are doing your dream board. You need to be in the right mind set and start attracting these amazing things into your life. The law of attraction works but it starts with you.

8. Note cards. Get you a pack of note cards. I want you to write out your short term and long term goals. Goals are the stepping stones to your dreams. So DREAM BIG. But you need goals to help you to achieve those. So I want you to set some short and long term goals based on where you are going. Look at your dream board if you want a new house or car, how are you going to make that happen you have to break it down. People get discouraged because they expect it to happen overnight.

9. Clean up your social media. What are you attracting into your life? Are you putting negative out or positive? Quoted by the Authors of OOLA ,  Dr. Troy Amadahl and Dr. David Braun “ Would you follow yourself on social media? “ seriously would you? Are you complaining or airing your dirty laundry? You want to attract people to you, not have them run away from you. Remember you don’t have to get involved in every argument and debate. Sometimes keeping our thoughts to ourselves is better than floating on social media.

10. Personal Development. This should be up on #1 because its so important. You must work on yourself. If you are not working on yourself you will not find success. Its that simple. The personal development is the key here. You want to develop into the leader you are striving to be. I can promise you I am not the person I was when I joined. I am so grateful for that because trust me I have grown into a much better human.

11. Find a mentor. You want to find someone who is above you or found success of where you want to be. You want to get advice from them and really pick their brains. Listen to them and follow what they say.  

Are you ready? Let’s do this. Start NOW!!! 

I want to cheer you on , drop me a line and let us know how these tips have helped you or inspired you to be the leader you know you ARE!!!!! 

Until next time Bombshell, you be you!!!!

xoxo Kerri