5 rules you need to live by every day

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Are you totally stuck? You feel like you have tried everything and you are just not getting any results? I hear this all the time.  Honestly you need to dig deeper and it’s usually something inside of yourself.  I know we never want to admit , it’s us. I am going to totally call you out and get the elephant out of the room. It’s you. You are not doing something right. You are not speaking the right language or attracting your audience. You need to dig inside yourself and figure some things out. Really start studying yourself. Grow yourself. Start digging into some of the best personal development books. Not a reader? Go to Audible. Listen in your car .If you want change you will find a way.... it’s that simple. Let’s get you results so you can start complaining about how crazy busy you are. Instead of how slow you are.  Let’s get you so busy you don’t even know what to do with all these people you are attracting.

Are you ready?
5 rules you need to live by every day.


#2 Be all in

#3 Plan on success, stop doubting yourself

#4 Stop comparing yourself. You get to create your own story don’t be like anyone else.

#5 Work smarter, not harder. Don’t try to re create a wheel. Tap into resources already made.

BONUS-  Don’t be afraid to succeed. You deserve it . 

Live by these simple rules , and you will start really changing. Feed yourself positive and you will find it flowing back into your life. I want to also give you some of my all time favorite reads that have helped me along the way and changed me. These books you can find on Amazon !!

Oola - find balance in an unbalanced world
Get over your damn self
Rhinoceros Success
Energy Bus
Girl Code
The Compound Effect
Getting Noticed

Have you read any of these ? I want to know which ones you have read or what is your favorite personal development book so we can swap titles  ;) I always am looking for a new read !!!  

Until next time Bombshell , YOU be YOU !!

xoxo Kerri