Why you should listen to your soul!!!

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So often we listen to the noise of the world instead of listening to ourselves.  This is something I struggled with for so long and I am excited to be in a place today where I can talk about it. I hope to be a voice for you so you can no longer live this way either.  

I went through a very traumatic cyber bullying experience about 7 years ago. I was the top national seller for a MLM  brand and  Sometimes with success comes people who want to steal your joy and tear you down. I allowed a group of women to not only tear me down verbally and slander my business , through all of this they got me to quit something I truly loved. I was being harassed daily that I quit . I sometimes have a hard time talking about this because it bothers me so much . but think about how many people are living this way today. They are living listening to what others opinions are of themselves and after they hear these words and rehearse it over and over in their heads, they actually believe it.  I had never experienced anything like that before. I couldn’t sleep, I was literally sick over the things they were saying about me and to me. I couldn’t understand how women could tear another down so bad over pure jealously. I ended up taking a Facebook hiatus for over a year which honestly was probably the best thing for me.

Looking back on this time and where I am today I am forever grateful that I went through that. I am a better person because of this. I can stand in my own skin and can be a little stronger knowing not everyone is going to like me and be 100% ok with that. I have always had the personality to wear my heart on my sleeve; I am open and will let you in immediately. That isn’t sometimes a good thing though. Those who can relate know that we have a hard time saying no and setting boundaries in our own lives because we never want to let anyone down.  I have learned a lot about myself over the last 6 years.  It is so important that you do this too. Really get to know yourself. Be alone. Listen to what you want and what makes you smile. I got to a point in my life where I didn’t even know what I wanted. I found myself questioning my marriage, whether I was a good mom, not feeling worthy, if this is the life I wanted, and questioning every aspect of my life.

Today I run a million dollar business that is thriving from home. I LOVE MY JOB . I am that passionate about it. Funny thing is I went down a similar path I am apart of a MLM again. But the cool thing is I get to do it better this time around. Trust me I am . Things happen to us for a purpose and I want to take a minute to give a shout out and thank those girls for pushing me and for breaking me down, because I would have never become the person I am today without that and I will be grateful to all of them forever.  It’s funny how bad things turn into some of the most valuable lessons of your life.  Today, I am strong and I know who exactly who I am.

When you take the time to work on yourself and allow yourself to grow that is when the real change happens,  but you must shut down the noise around you. Yes that means turn your phone off. Turn the TV and computer off. Quiet time.  Get to know yourself.   Start focusing on how you can become a better you . When you are better you attract that into your life.  I have found so much success in just being true to who I am. Not like anyone else , but like me. I speak the way the words fall out of my mouth and that’s me.  Not everyone is going to agree , or like your posts. Thats fine , be grateful for the ones who do and still spread love no matter where you go. Don't be upset to those who don't agree with what you are doing , rather embrace it all .  I encourage you today to be YOU and focus on being YOU! 

I can almost guarantee most of you have a story similar to mine. Where someone hurt you so badly and you found a lesson out of it ? I would love to hear it if you are willing to share. Lets empower other women today , to truly take whats theirs and own it . You only get one life and one shot . No regrets .  

Until Next time Bombshell , You be YOU ! 

xoxo Kerri