Boldly be YOU !


I’m just a girl who decided I was worth it ! I am no different then you ... I decided to chase something many would never dare to do . Risk it all . Yep I am the one who jumps and asks for forgiveness later.

 I’m an all in type of girl ! I was willing to do the things while others slept , vacation , and party ! I put my head down and did the work ! I still am doing the work but with a lot more wisdom . The wisdom to know when I need to slow down . The wisdom to know I don’t have to kill myself to get there , but instead do it with grace and ease !

When I need to step away and to shut it all down I do it. I admit I was and might still be a recovering workaholic !!! WHY ?? I’m finding my answers and they are buried deep inside of me , the fear , unworthiness, guilt , and shame !!! This roots back to a little girl who just wanted to be loved , heard and unfortunately we look for all this in the wrong ways ! When you slow down and really listen you will find your answers ! #soulwork

I wouldn’t trade anything I have been through for another . Filled with gratitude . I used to compare myself and would wish to have her life and that thing or this and that ... NO MORE.

I love me. I love my life. I love the imperfect of everything. I love who I am becoming and where I came from . I know that nothing is a mistake and for that I’m embracing every obstacle and every win !

Listen sister ,  Don’t try to be anyone else ..... copycats are boring ...... BE YOU and boldly be you.... there is no one on this earth who can be YOU!!!!

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