Fearlessly be YOU


She dropped out of high school in 11th grade ... she listened to lies that she believed .. she had extremely unhealthy relationships... she looked for love in the wrong places ... she never understood herself and felt comfort hiding behind others ... she became fearful of being noticed .. she became comfortable in trying to be someone she wasn’t .. she drank too much to numb the pain..she lost everything ... she filed bankruptcy at 22 ... this girl is me !!!

I tell you these things because every odd was against me. So many people don’t understand that I didn’t have a chance, but I took a chance and fought for it ... I chose to better myself. I chose to feel worthy even if I didn’t quite feel it .... I decided and I will be grateful for every hard time .. every lesson .. every single hard truth I had and still will have ... I will be grateful for it all .

I have fought to be the girl I am today , I didn’t get to where I am by sitting and hoping ... it took so much push ... it took so much action and so much heart .... it took walking away from things I once loved ... I know I got eye rolls ... I lost friends along the way .... but have gained the absolute most genuine friendships of my life and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful !!

Don’t let your scars define you ... let them push you !! Even if no one else believes in you .... I D O !!!
I always say I would rather fail then not try at all !

Have you ever sat down and just wrote down all the things you love about yourself ?
Have you ever sat down and looked at the things you hate and found a way to love it ?

I want you to take some time and really understand who you are , stop looking on the outside and start loving yourself for everything you ARE … YOU ARE AMAZING !!!! You are needed and here for a purpose , you need to lean into the things you love and find that !

Check out my newest book launching July 24th Fiercely Free . I truly want it to impact so many who just don’t know where to start , I am going to be walking this with you!!!!!!

with so much love , xo

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